Critical Mass

a novel by
Whitley Strieber

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Critical Mass
Forge Books, February 2009

What would we do if a nuclear weapon was detonated in Washington, and the US government suddenly disappeared? What would we do if a terrorist organization announced that it had concealed nuclear weapons in every major western city and then demanded that the entire planet embrace its twisted brand of Muslim fundamentalism?
     In Critical Mass, nuclear interdiction expert James Deutsch and his tormented Muslim wife, Nabila, struggle to stop an impending nuclear attack on an American city. Along the way, they delve deep into the hidden world of nuclear terrorism and the experts who strive to contain it, and get a compelling look at the titanic battle within Islam over its own future — fundamentalist and rejecting, or compassionate and life-embracing?
     Like Whitley Strieberís classics Warday and The Coming Global Superstorm, Critical Mass is torn straight from the dark pages of a very dangerous and very possible future.

Critical Mass is one hell of a book — a frighteningly plausible conspiracy thriller that is so real it sometimes feels like an exposé.”
—Douglass Preston, New York Times Bestselling Author of Blasphemy


Pre-publication notes about Critical Mass (previously known as Midnight)
In an interview with John Hogue in Feb 2008, Whitley Strieber mentioned he is working on a new book about a nuclear bomb being set off in Washington DC.