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CIRCA 1981 The Wolfen, The Hunger, Black Magic, Night Church
CIRCA 1984 WarDay, Wolf of Shadows, Nature's End
CIRCA 1986 Cat Magic
CIRCA 1987 Communion
CIRCA 1988 Transformation
CIRCA 1990 Majestic
CIRCA 1990 Billy, The Wild, Unholy Fire, Forbidden Zone
CIRCA 1995 Breakthrough: The Next Step
CIRCA 1996 The Secret School
CIRCA 1997 Evenings With Demons: Stories from 30 Years 
CIRCA 1997 The Communion Letters EDITED BY ANNE STRIEBER
CIRCA 1998 Confirmation: The Hard Evidence
CIRCA 1999 The Coming Global Superstorm
CIRCA 2001 The Key
CIRCA 2001 The Last Vampire
CIRCA 2002 The Path
CIRCA 2002 Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life
CIRCA 2004 The Day After Tomorrow
CIRCA 2004 An Invisible Woman, Little Town Lies BY ANNE STRIEBER
CIRCA 2006 The Grays  
CIRCA 2007 2012: The War for Souls
CIRCA 2008 Critical Mass
CIRCA 2010 The Omega Point
CIRCA 2011 Hybrids
CIRCA 2013 Alien Hunter
CIRCA 2014 Miraculous Journey BY ANNE & WHITLEY STRIEBER
CIRCA 2016 The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained

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Whitley Strieber began his writing career with The Wolfen and The Hunger, for which he earned renown as one of the best of the “new wave” of horror writers. Both of these novels were made into films, the latter starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie.
     In the mid-1980s Strieber received national attention with the New York Times bestseller Warday (co-authored by James Kunetka), and an award winning young-adult novel, Wolf of Shadows, each depicting the harm our country could suffer in even a “limited” nuclear war.
     He may be best known for the third phase of his career, which began with the 1987 New York Times bestseller, Communion, an auto-biographical account of his experiences with strange alien “visitors” who came to his cabin in the New York countryside.
     Related works include Transformation and Breakthrough as well as fiction informed by his Communion experiences such as Majestic and The Grays.
     He has written several thrillers including Cat Magic and a pair of sequels to The Hunger.

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