The Last Vampire

by Whitley Strieber

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The eternal story now continues in the long-awaited sequel to Whitley Strieber's horror classic
The Hunger

Published 28 July 2001 (paperback October 2002)

Miriam Blaylock knows the secrets of civilization: the mysteries of life — and the agony of undeath. For centuries she has traveled the world undetected. Until now. Interpol agent Paul Ward has cleansed continents of vampires, orchestrated the extermination of an ancient lair, and obtained their sacred Book of Names. He knows where they hide. He knows when they feast. And he knows their weaknesses. But he has a weakness of his own: Miriam Blaylock. Cunning and elusive, she has escaped his complex network of hunters for years. Toxic and seductive, she has become his obsession. Now, predator is about to become prey. Killer to become lover. Good and evil will become inexorably entwined as the endgame begins for the last vampire.

“Whitley Strieber has done more than recapture the magic that made him a modern master of horror literature – he has surpassed himself. This is a wonderfully imaginative book, one that defies the reader to put it down.” – Peter Straub

“With a sensual ascent to an erotic crescendo, this vigorous sequel restores the vampire's power and mystique. Strieber's luxuriously soulless realm of the undead is disturbingly plausible.” – Katherine Ramsland

“...flowing, sexy, intellectually rousing...” “Bloodkisses suprême. A deliriously meaty cultural anthropology, sickening and delicious.” – Kirkus Reviews

“...the novel's first two-thirds offers a tour-de-force of mythmaking (as Strieber redefines the world of vampires) and emotionally intense action.” “...this bloody, lush and gripping novel trumpets a welcome return to fiction by Strieber.” – Publishers Weekly

The Last Vampire
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