The Communion Letter

The Communion Letter
Anne Strieber, Executive Editor
Dora Ruffner, Editor
Ed Conroy, Writer
Whitley Strieber, Writer
Jim Harter, Illustrator (collage art)
Leon Schultz, Illustrator (line drawings)

“The Communion Letter contains sixteen pages of the newest informaton on UFOs and the visitors, as well as letters from witnesses (printed with permission) and letters to the editor. It is published four times a year.”

(Nine issues were produced. Back issues are not available from the Strieber's, however a few of the experiences shared by the public in The Communion Letter were later presented in the similarly titled book, The Communion Letters)
(Vol.1, No.1)
Spring 1989
A Message from Whitley Strieber,
A National Gathering?,
Groups form Nationwide,
Visitors and Children,
The Communion Foundation is formed,
9 Knocks - and Then Some,
Future Flights

(Vol.1, No.2)
Summer 1989
Whitley Strieber's New Experiences with the Visitors,
Rappings on their Chamber Doors by Ed Conroy,
The Communion Foundation's MRI Scanning Program: Progress,
Christianity and the Visitors.


(Vol.1, No.3)
Fall 1989
A Visit to Roswell,
An Interview with Timothy Good
(Vol.1, No.4)
Winter 1990
UFO Organizations & Witnesses,
Automotive Encounters,
A Tour of Dulce, New Mexico
(Vol.2, No.1)
Spring 1990
Results of the Omega Project Study,
Gulf Breeze Report,
Sexual Encounters with the Visitors,
Review of Jacques Vallee's 'Confrontations'
(Vol.2, No.2)
Summer 1990
Who is the Joker in the Gulf Breeze UFO "Hoax"?, Review of Howard Blum's 'Out There'.

(Vol.2, No.3)
Fall 1990


(Vol.2, No.4)
Winter 1991


(Vol.3, No.1)
Spring 1991
Farewell Letter

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The Communion Letter

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The Communion Letter
© 1989, 1990, 1991 Wilson & Neff, Inc.
Trivia: A four page (gatefold) sample issue was also created ('Sample 1990'). It included Whitley's article “New Experiences with the Visitors” (from Vol 1 No 2). The sample was sent for free to people who had written to the Striebers.