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Whitley Strieber Television Appearances

This is only a partial list of the programs on which Mr. Strieber has appeared.

No data available, but appearances in support of the New York Times best-seller War Day (1984) are likely.
Whitley Strieber appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show (24 June 1987) for Cat Magic. CNN's Larry King Live (25 March 1987). Nightwatch with Charlie Rose (1 April 1987). The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (6 May 1987) for Communion (discussing a childhood memory of "blue monkeys" running over the landscape). Various local programs too numerous to mention in support of Communion, including People are Talking (KPIX San Francisco, Feb 1987) and Sally Jesse Raphael (WCVB Boston, 7 March 1987).
The Phil Donohue Show (1988). Good Morning America (7 Sept 1988). Geraldo (27 Oct 1988) for Cat Magic. Live with Regis and Kathy Lee (1988). A special one-hour edition of FOX television's The Late Show (16 Sept 1988) featuring Whitley Strieber and friends. Various local programs including People are Talking (KPIX San Francisco 21 Sept 1988).
Various New York local programs including 9 Broadcast Plaza (WWOR New York, 25 Sept 1989) and Hard Copy (WCBS New York, 11 Oct 1989).
Larry King Live (CNN, 21 September 1990) mentioned Billy, but the majority of the conversation was about government interest in alien encounters, as Strieber appeared with Howard Blum, author of Out There, a book about MJ-12 which Strieber wrote the forward to.
The Home Show (11 July 1991, the day before Strieber retreated from public life and disbanded the Communion Foundation. 11 July 1991 was also the day of the total solar eclipse visible in Mexico).
Larry King Live (CNN, 11 March 1992) to discuss Unholy Fire.
CNN's Larry King Live (9 July 1993) featured guest host Frank Sesno (substituting for Larry King) interviewing Strieber about his book The Forbidden Zone, and discussing alien matters as well.
The syndicated television program Sightings (hosted by Tim White) highlighting the publication of Breakthrough presented some of the best videography ever made of the Strieber's second cabin in upstate New York, interspersed with atmospheric shots of alien models created by special effects artist Steve Neill. Strieber appeared on CBS' The Late, Late Show with Tom Snyder (23 May 1995) late in the program in support of Breakthrough. Good Day, LA (KTTV; Los Angeles, 24 May 1995). In support of Breakthrough, the syndicated program Mike and Maty (WABC-TV, 26 May 1995) featured an interview with Strieber and experiencers Steve and Raven (these names should be familiar to you if you've seen the whole website). San Diego This Morning (KGTV, 13 June 1995) in support of Breakthrough book appearance, mentioned Parade magazine's false claim about him having epilepsy. Larry King Live (CNN, 4 Aug 1995) in support of Breakthrough, also with Rep Steven Schiff, C.D.B. Bryan, David Jacobs, and Philip Klass.
America After Hours (CNBC, 3 July 1996) did an hour long show on aliens, includes Strieber and David Jacobs.
A ten minute plus studio interview on AM Northwest (KATU-TV, 15 Jan 1997), including call-in and mention of a Tower book signing for The Secret School. The Susan Sikora Show (KBHK-TV, 20 Jan 1997) studio interview for The Secret School, nearly 30 minutes in length. The Crier Report on Fox News Channel Cable Programming (22 Jan 1997) featured a reportedly lengthy studio interview in support of The Secret School. A six minute studio interview about The Secret School on The Morning Exchange (WEWS-TV, 24 Jan 1997). K EYE Opener News four minute segment in support of a book signing later that day for The Secret School (KEYE-TV, 27 Jan 1997). Good Day LA presented a three minute segment about The Secret School that may have included some of the video footage of the discovery of the Secret School (KTTV-TV, 21 Feb 1997). A one minute segment on The Secret School on Good Day Dallas (KDFW-TV, 3 March 1997). An under one minute segment on FOX 4 News (KDFW-TV, 3 March 1997). Another under one minute segment about The Secret School on Morning Edition (NTNJ-TV Cable 12 New York, 3 March 1997). The Charles Grodin Show (18 March 1997). The Today Show (1 April 1997) via Satellite with Edgar Mitchell. Strieber appeared briefly on the Sci-Fi channel's Buzz (29 June 1997) in a three minute segment that mentioned his web site. Strieber discussed The Secret School in a three minute segment on News 36 Firstcast Sunday (KXAN-TV, 5 October 1997), in support of his participation in a Whole Life Expo being held later that day.
Strieber's May 11, 1998 book tour presentation at the Pentagon Bookstore in Washington DC was recorded by C-SPAN II's About Books (shown July 1998). About ten minutes on Positively Texas (KTVT-TV, 4 May 1998) in support of Confirmation, took callers questions and mentioned Corrado Balducci. News 4 Texas Morning Edition (KDFW-TV, 4 May 1998) brief studio interview discussing implants. WGN Morning News (14 May 1998) brief studio interview in support of Confirmation book. Good Morning Arizona (KTVK-TV, 23 May 1998) in support of Confirmation book. Fox Morning News (WTTG-TV, 25 May 1998) in studio interview, with rebuttal by Philip Klass. KTLA Morning News (KTLA-TV, 26 May 1998) brief in-studio appearance in support of a Confirmation book signing in Los Angeles at the Bodhi Tree Book Store. An extremely brief in-studio interview on San Francisco's cable show Bay TV Mornings (BAY-TV35, 27 May 1998) in support of a book signing later that day for Confirmation. The Rosie O’Donnell Show in support of Confirmation (recorded 6 May 1998, aired 20 July 1998).
Strieber appeared with Budd Hopkins, John E. Mack, M.D, and Joe Nickell (via satellite) on MS-NBC's interview program Hockenberry, in support of the Confirmation television special (16 Feb 1999). The British documentary The Uninvited (title borrowed from Nick Pope's book), presented on The Learning Channel (1 March 1999), also featuring Budd Hopkins and Linda Cortile, Nick Pope, John Mack, Derrel Sims, Travis Walton, skeptics. Partly to help promote a rare speaking engagement (November 1st in San Antonio at the at McAllister Auditorium), Strieber appeared in a nearly ten-minute segment on on 4 San Antonio Living, a morning show in Strieber's hometown (KMOL-TV, 28 October 1999), in which he discussed his Communion experiences, and took live callers' questions on a variety of topics. Strieber discussed his Communion experiences on News 4 Texas Saturday (KDFW-TV, 20 Nov 1999) in a five minute segment titled "The TEX-Files" that included footage of Strieber's appearance (likely the November 1st appearance mentioned above or a Sept 25/26th appearance at the 36th National UFO Conference in San Antonio, an event presented by The Anomalist ), also Roger Lier's book was mentioned.
The Today Show (NBC, 11 Jan 2000) featured host Matt Lauer interviewing Strieber and Art Bell, in support of The Coming Global Superstorm. A five minute segment on Fox News Live (Fox News Channel Cable Programming, 11 Jan 2000) featured Strieber and Art Bell, and callers. Fox television's program The Edge with Paula Zahn: We Are The Aliens 2000 (28 Dec 1999, or 2 Jan 2000, or 17 Jan 2000, details unknown, reportedly featured interview material as well as footage of Strieber from a recent convention appearance). Good Day Alabama (WBRC-TV, 17 Jan 2000) with Art Bell in support of Superstorm. A four minute interview on Sunday Today In New York (6 Feb 2000) in support of Superstorm. A brief interview on 4 San Antonio Living (KMOL-TV, 22 March 2000) in support of Superstorm. News 4 Texas Saturday (KDFW-TV) reportedly accidentally ran about a minute of a clip about Whitley Strieber on 28 October 2000.
Fox 4 News (KDFW-TV, 6 May 2001, 9PM) and Good Day Dallas (KDFW-TV , 7 May 2001) featured Whitley as part of a seven minute segment titled "The Tex-Files." Unknown if this was new footage of Whitley or was from KDFW's archives. Also on the segment, Derrel Sims, and a psychiatrist who suggested that mental problems and drug use are why people believe such things. The Last Vampire book tour included an interview with Kirk Montgomery on Denver's KUSA 4 O'clock 9News (9 Aug 2001), and a national appearance on the roundtable multi-topic program Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (ABC, 16 Aug 2001).
Whitley Strieber made no television media appearances from 2002 to 2005 according to LexisNexis, although he was interviewed on radio programs. He was invited to be on the 24 Feb 2005 ABC News special Peter Jennings Reports: UFOs: Seeing is Believing: “I was contacted for this show, but when I wrote back saying that I would not appear unless I could be guaranteed that I would not be disparaged, treated as a figure of fun or called a liar, they never responded.”
Whitley appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday September 14, 2006 in support of his novel The Grays.
Out There TV (syndicated, 13 Sept 2007), an interview program by Richard and Kate Mucci, in support of the novel 2012: The War for Souls.
A History Channel documentary, Apocalypse Island (produced in 2009 and aired January 3, 2010) featued Whitley discussing the popular 2012 theme.


Television Programs based upon Whitley Strieber's work

SyFy television series
Premiered April 2016
13 episodes

From executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead, The Terminator trilogy) and Natalie Chaidez (12 Monkeys, Heroes), Hunters is inspired by Whitley Strieber's best-selling novel, Alien Hunter, in which the disappearance of a decorated FBI agent's wife leads him to a secret government unit assembled to hunt a group of ruthless terrorists — shadowy figures that may or may not be from this world.
     The series stars Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) as Flynn, a headstrong Baltimore FBI agent with a dark past trying to piece together the disappearance of his wife. Britne Oldford (American Horror Story) will play Regan, who is one of the government's most valuable operatives and may be keeping secrets of her own. Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) portrays McCarthy, an unhinged junkie and Hunter cell leader.
     Hunters will push boundaries by redefining what makes a terrorist and offer a unique crossover twist between gritty crime drama and sci-fi thriller. The series will premiere in April 2016.

The Communion Letters
SyFy television series
Not developed

In October 2011, ScreenRant reported, “Syfy is looking to expand their preternatural programming with The Communion Letters, a drama revolving around those who have experienced an alien abduction. Developed for television by Jonathan Gruger, the co-creator of ABC Family's cult series Kyle Xy, and writer Dave Matalon, The Communion Letters will follow the lead character, Tome, as he examines claims of those who believe they have encountered, or been abducted by, aliens. The Communion Letters is inspired by the 1997 book of the same name, from Whitley Strieber and Anne Strieber. ...Serving as executive producers on the show, Gruger and Matalon will be joined by Red Dawn, A Man Apart, and Poolhall Junkies producer Vincent Newman.”

War Day
Television series

Not developed

2006 Update:
CBS Paramount Network Television announced a new series titled Jerico in Fall 2006, which denied the development of War Day.
In this drama, “a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, plunging the residents of a small, peaceful Kansas town into chaos, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they're the only Americans left alive. The town turns chaotic as the residents cave in to their fears.”

The creators of Jerico are Jonathan A. Steinberg, Josh Schaer and Stephen Chbosky.

Jerico photo: © 2006 CBS

From Variety, 14 August 2005: “Spyglass Television and Benderspink are said to be preparing a pitch for a show dealing with life in the U.S. after a major national disaster. Idea is based on the Whitley Strieber novel War Day.”

This is the second time War Day has drawn interest; way back in 1983, WarDay nearly became a major motion picture by Constantin Costa-Gavras, director of Missing (Academy Award nominee for best picture in 1982). An 800+ word article detailing the plans for the film was published in the New York Times 14 November 1983. Although the reasons why the film was not made are unknown, it appears that the producer, Edward Lewis (who also produced Missing) may have retired in 1984 due to health reasons.

Synopsis of the original novel:

Warday. It lasted only thirty-six minutes and when it was over, much of the earth remained untouched. But in those thirty-six minutes, a world had been destroyed. Seven million Americans died in the immediate blast. Millions more would die of radiation, famine, and disease during the next five years. Millions also lived, strung out across a country that knew it had been hit – but not why. Or where. Or how.
     In the days and months that followed, an America blacked out by the breakdown of its communications systems and wrestling with the demands of an unprecedented emergency struggled first for survival. Later it would seek answers – seek to find out how it happened, who had survived, what was left.
     Five years after Warday, the answers have yet to be found. America is still a strange place, filled with haunting relics of the past, constant reminders of what was lost. But survival is no longer in question. It is time to take stock.
     And so, five years after the missiles detonated, two survivors set forth on a trek across America. Determined to find out what has happened to the rest of the country, their will be a journey of discovery filled with pain and hope. From Texas to California, across the vast distances of the Great Plains, into the once-bold centers of commerce and power along the eastern coast, and through the small cities and rural hamlets of the South – amid pockets of resurgence and remnants of destruction, they will hear America speaking: remembering the past, willing the present, longing for a future.
     Warday: It takes you into a world you couldn’t imagine.

The Last Vampire / Lilith's Dream
Television miniseries for
Sci-Fi Channel
Not developed

On 11 January 2004, Whitley Strieber reported “The Sci-Fi project is a mini-series based on The Last Vampire and Lilith's Dream. Whether they will do it or not remains to be seen. I've written a treatment for a six-hour mini-series based on the books. But one never knows where these things will go.” This plan for a television miniseries comes after Whitley reported in an interview with LesbiaNation that Colmbia pictures decided to let their option expire on the feature film rights to The Last Vampire.

Synopsis of original book (excerpt):

Lilith, the ages-old mother of the dying race of vampires, has been forced to come out of her cave deep in the Egyptian desert in search of food — human blood. But she knows nothing about the modern world...

The Coming Global Superstorm
Television miniseries for Turner Broadcasting
Not developed

Before Whitley Strieber's novel The Coming Global Superstorm became the basis of the feature film The Day After Tomorrow, there had been the possibility of a television movie or television miniseries.
     On 10 August 2001, the Paraview literary agency announced that the feature film effort was in addition to “a television movie” that was being develped by Turner Broadcasting.
     This possibility of a television movie or television miniseries was first noted by the New York Post on March 9, 2000; the report stated that Turner Broadcasting was interested in turning The Coming Global Superstorm into a mini-series. Later in March, Strieber himself mentioned Turner's interest during an appearance on a morning program in Strieber's hometown, 4 San Antonio Living (KMOL-TV, 22 March 2000).
     However in July 2000 Strieber announced on his website that TBS, which bought Superstorm to make into a two-hour TV movie, is now dragging its heels....Once the script outline was sent to [Ted Turner's] main story editor – with a recommendation from those below that the script be written – there was only silence in reply.
     In late September 2000, Whitley reported that he was about to start work on a new treatment (a summary-like telling of the entire story, complete with characters and some dialogue and key scenes) — a sign that TBS remained interested in the project, though was not yet ready to move into the script writing phase. Writing of the script at last got underway by February of 2001, though evidently without Whitley's participation:
on February 7, Whitley reported on the Art Bell radio show that TBS was working on the script.
     By 2002 it appeared that Turner Broadcasting's plans had gone astray.

Beyond Communion
Television movie for
Sci-Fi Channel
Not developed

Variety (30 April 1999) confirmed that the Sci-Fi channel has made the following announcement: BEYOND COMMUNION: The long-awaited sequel to the 1989 theatrical release is based on New York Times best-selling author Whitley Strieber's real-life experiences with alien abduction. First they took him. This time they've come for his son. SCI-FI brings Strieber's astounding tale to television in this exclusive original production. No writer, director, or cast has been confirmed thus far, but Whitley Strieber is believed to be writing the script.
     Since April 1999, there have been no press releases mentioning this project.
     Update: A year after this announcement (in May 2000), Whitley conveyed to me that he did not believe they were still pursuing this project, and he suspected his script may have been insufficiently sensationalistic.
     Incidentally, t
he April 1999 announcement by the Sci-Fi Channel that they committed to this telefilm meant development of the potential series NightWork (detailed below) was suspended, prompting NightWork's Steve Neill to decide to move on to non-alien related projects, and causing some love lost between Neill and Strieber.

NBC Television Special;
Broadcast February 17, 1999

An edited version is believed to have been broadcast in Japan in late 2000

Executive Producers: Mark Wolper and Whitley Strieber
Writer/Director/CoExecutive Producer: Starling Price


A two-hour network special exploring questions raised in Whitley Strieber's book of the same name, Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? presents a general review of major UFO and alien encounter events from the last fifty years. The program is hosted by Robert Davi of the NBC cop show Profilers, who appears to be on the verge of laughter as he ominously intones the possibility of aliens among us while walking around a dark forest.
     The hard evidence alluded to in the title is presented in a segment about so-called “alien implants found within the bodies of some experiencers. These implants are discussed by podiatrist Dr. Roger Leir and the surgical removal of one such object from the hand of a 45 year old male subject is shown (filmed August 17, 1998 in Texas). Confirmation also includes recreations of a series of abductions experienced by Jesse Long (featuring stylized alien models created by artist Steve Neill). NASA footage of unidentified objects recorded during space shuttle missions is shown, and an alleged home video from Mexico of a metallic saucer flying behing an apartment tower is examined by special effects artists who reveal technical flaws that suggest it was only a digitally composed special effect (a conclusion that Strieber has subsequently said he disagrees with [on Dreamland, July 2000]).
      Confirmation features snippets of perspectives from Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University, Michael Lindemann, Dr. John Mack, and many others who have studied the question of alien encounters, including those who believe these experiences are misperceptions and lies; these so-called “skeptics” include Joe Nickell and Philip Klass of the CSICOP organization. Whitley Strieber himself appears only briefly during the Jesse Long segment.
      The program was originally conceived with Charlton Heston as the host, playing on the strength of Heston's narration of The Mysterious Origins of Man, an acclaimed and controversial NBC documentary about forbidden archeology. Efforts were also made to get noted scientists such as Stephen Hawking involved. But these plans, as well as hopes for involvement from celebrities who are said to believe in alien contact — such as David Bowie — were not realized, and what emerged was at best poorly received.
      Writing to the New York Times in response to criticism of the special, Whitley Strieber said, Unidentified-flying-object and close-encounter episodes are the most extensive and readily available phenomena for research that science has refused to address since the Roman Catholic Church forbade its experts to look through Galileo's telescope.

Promotional Picture from CONFIRMATIONSteve Neill and alien models

Alien figures by Steve Neill (pictured behind the scenes)
Promotional photographs courtesy of NBC Television.


Television Series Pitch;
Preview reel completed 1999;
not developed.

demo reel credits

Whitley Strieber ... Host
Jack Larson ... Whitley Strieber
Dr. Roger Leir ... Himself
Billy Scudder ... Richard Hoagland
Jeff Rense ... Radio Host
Christian Port ... Young Whitley
Alexa Rense ... Little Girl
Krista Vernoff ... Young Mother
Melanie Winter ... Anne Strieber
Licia Davidson ... Alien Voice

Whitley Strieber ... Executive Producer
Bob Verne ... Producer
Steve Neill ... Director, Co-Producer
Gillian Neill ... Writer, Assoc. Prod.
Saba Moor ... Casting Dir., Assoc. Prod.
Andrea Matzke ... Line Producer

Barry Conrad ... Director of Photography
Billy Scudder ... Unit Production Mgr
Jesse Ericson-Onuf ... Script Supervisor
Kai Wagner ... Sound
Jeff Perkins ... Asst. Camera

Peggy Portanova ... Make-up
John Shea ... Special FX Make-up
Gene Barsamian ... Prod Coordinator, Still Photographer
Randi Besse ... 2nd Unit Prod. Mgr.
Aaron Steffans ... Best Boy, Electric
Mike Hardy ... Key Grip
Tony King ... Grip
Steve Neill ... CGI Effects
Scott Coulter ... CGI Consultant
Jason Martell ... Documentarian, Webmaster
Taryn Scudder ... Kid Wrangler

     A potential new series based on Whitley Strieber's life and travels has been proposed by Steve Neill. Principle photography for a ten minute preview reel was completed the last week of January, 1999. It will cover all aspects of Whitley's experiences, ranging from the Secret School to his official studies into the cases he's studied, including the implants. With over one hundred and fifty thousand letters and numerous classic cases we ought to get a few seasons out of it, to be sure, says Mr. Neill.
      The preview reel will be pitched to the studios to secure funding for the development of a one hour pilot. It was written by my wife, Gilly Neill, and directed by myself, says Mr. Neill. It will have effects that could have never been done in the Communion movie days; digital animation and effects has been my new career these days and the sky is not the limit.”
     Asked if this program would be similar in format to SIGHTINGS, Tim White's magazine-format investigative television series that Mr. Neill provided impressive special effects for during it's run, Mr. Neill replied, “It was created as a dramatic week to week series like the X-Files, based on the real thing. This project is totally dramatic, no Sightings format at all.
Jack Larson portrayed Whitley Strieber in the demo reel, with the real Whitley Strieber serving as host during the show's introduction. The demo reel included a recreation of Whitley's experience of accompanying the visitors to a home in the middle of the night (described in Breakthrough) to witnesses a young girl's interaction with the beings.
     The development of NightWork came into conflict with another project. In April 1999, the Sci-Fi Channel announced plans to develop a television movie called Beyond Communion, the production of which would have limited the development of NightWork. A none-too-pleased Steve Neill announced in late November 1999 that NightWork would be reconceived radio show host Jeff Rense becoming the series' focal point. However, neither NightWork concept was ultimately developed, and the Sci-Fi Channel's television movie similarly did not enter into production either.

Jack Larson as Whitley Strieber
Whitley Strieber, portrayed here by Jack Larson,
enters into meditation in the woods to confront his fears


Project: Communion
Television Series Pitch,
early to mid-1990s;
not developed

Project: Communion was proposed by Jim O'Connell sometime before 1996 as a documentary series that would have followed Whitley Strieber and the producer on the road, visiting areas of visitor activity and meeting other experiencers for the purpose of hearing their stories and trying to make progress with our knowledge of alien encounters.
     Some interest in this series was expressed by Dreamworks SKG, but the project was ultimately never sold. To the best of our knowledge no footage was filmed, but promotional items, including Project: Communion military dog-tags, were created to pitch to the studios.
     Jim O'Connell passed away on 9 September 2015.


Commercially Released Videos featuring Whitley Strieber

Our Exploding Future
Mail Order Video, VHS
Presentation given at the Project Awareness Gulf Breeze UFO Conference,
19 March 1999

On June 6, 1998, after 20 months of no encounters, Whitley Strieber had what he describes as “the best, the most incredible, the most enlightening encounter of his life.” He describes the face to face meeting with his visitor as a “marvel” and one that left him in a “kind of spiritual whirlwind.”
Since that fateful meeting, the pace and intensity of Whitley's life has increased. His current involvement in the visitor experience hasescalated his creativity to an all-time high. He is working on a new book, entitled The Coming Superstorm, about his incredible encounter; he is actively involved in an ongoing battle in what he terms as “the war for the human soul.” His June 6, 1998 encounter was the most profound of all. Every word the visitor uttered contained “whole, vast oceans of other words and meanings.”
As we journey toward the millennium, enjoy a special conference treat as we get an overview of what the visitor experience has meant to our world and what it may mean in the new millennium, told by one of the greatest scribes of our time as only Whitley Strieber can say it.

Our Exploding Future
Cost as of 1999 was $15.95 for the tape, plus $2.00 shipping and handling.
Check the
Project Awareness website for current information on availability.

Pure Balance
Mail Order Video, VHS, 1997

The first videocassette produced by Whitley Strieber. Originally sold via mail order from the Communion Homepage (and now available from Amazon.Com), this brief video demonstrates meditative techniques, and also shows snippets of some of the best video footage of unidentified aerial phenomena (including a particularly convincing “foo fighter” playing peek-a-boo with some clouds, seemingly aware it was being observed).
      The following synopsis (written by Whitley Strieber and presented on his website) was created when the working title was the First Contact Management Video, in early June 1996. The actual tape was produced a bit later.

The First Contact Management Video

We Have A Problem

Close encounter is among the most challenging of all human experiences, and in general we don't handle it well. Some of us love it and can't get enough of it, others hate it and can't make it stop. Most of us have very mixed feelings.
We have trouble remembering what happened to us, and when we are in the contact environment, most of us feel as helpless as animals on a veterinarian's examination table.
This can all change. Over the past ten years, I have evolved powerful meditation techniques that make my encounters more fruitful.

Now There's A Solution

The video I have made reveals my techniques in action. It includes the multi-tone chanting process that I have evolved as a powerful focusing tool. You will not have heard anything like this before, not even if you are familiar with overtone chanting.
Use of the techniques in the tape, I feel, can really help the close encounter witness to become an active participant in his or her relationship. Armed with the video and lots of determination, you can make your relationship into what I promise is the most incredible of all adventures, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
You can also use it to end your relationship if you prefer, or at least change it to be less rough and more enriching.
You can even use it to start a relationship if you are willing to work hard and be patient.

How You Can Do It

It took me ten years of close encounter to get to the point that I could create a system that would be genuinely effective, and twenty years of meditation before that. But it won't take you that much time, because you can leapfrog on my work.
As more and more of us do this, our relationship with the visitors will come into better focus. They will see that we are trying, for the first time, to communicate, and what is now a confused, often dysfunctional relationship, is going to start to work better — maybe a lot better.

Pure Balance
© 1997 Whitley Strieber

Six Days In Roswell
filmed July 1997
released on DVD and VHS 1999

Six Days in Roswell is a mockumentary from the team that created the more-or-less officially sanctioned Star Trek documentary Trekkies. In dead-pan style a la Spinal Tap, the film purports to document Minnesotan Richard Kronfeld's experiences at the 50th anniversary of the Roswell event in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1997. In fact he is an actor, but not everyone he interviews, including Whitley Strieber (seen briefly), seem to have been aware of this.

Six Days in Roswell
© 1999 Benevolent Authority Productions
Produced by Roger Nygard, Directed by Timothy B. Johnson, Starring Richard Kronfeld

Tour of Cabin (Unreleased Videotape)
(not the actual title)

Whitley showed the people who attended a 1996 workshop a special video tour of the cabin. It was done by a friend of his who was a video producer/artist of some type. The video was excellent and very informative. It also showed a funny side to Whitley. The artist did a lot of Twilight Zone type of references complete with psychedelic special effects. Whitley often was self deprecating and laughed at the many wacky references to Communion (at the same time, he also spoke very eloquently and frankly about it). One thing that came across from that workshop is that Whitley Strieber is a very fun loving person. He can be a bit too earnest, serious, whatever you want to call it. But it is much more accurate to say that he has a very good sense of humor, maybe it's one of the things he uses to deal with all of this. Whitley said that he does not show this video in public, it's a “limited release” type of thing. [Thanks to L. for this description] [Drew Cummings may have been the videographer; Whitley Strieber has mentioned Cummings as one of two videographers who have stayed at the cabin].

Discovery of the Secret School
(not the actual title), DVD, 1996

A professionally recorded videotape of Whitley's discovery of the ruins of the secret school in San Antonio's Olmos basin (a wooded area of about 8 square miles that subsided about 40 feet during an earthquake four centuries ago). This was shown to the public during the book tour for the Secret School. The video was originally intended to be a segment on a SIGHTINGS type of television series that was to have been called Contact. Unfortunately the program was never developed so these public showings were the only chance people had to see this segment. Perhaps this videotape, and the one filmed at the cabin described above, will turn up on an authorized biography program sometime in the future.

Update: The video footage of the discovery of the “secret school” is believed to have turned up on a DVD titled Exploring the Supernatural Vol. 3: Miracles, Mysteries. The DVD, which described in it's official review as “crappy”, can be found with a little searching for less than six dollars.

Exploring the Supernatural Vol. 3
© 1998 Madacy Entertainment Group

Aliens: The Complete Truth
5 DVD set featuring one DVD with Whitley Strieber
interviewed in 1996:
Vol. 1: Aliens Among Us
Direct-to-Video, DVD, 2000 (also available on VHS)

Aliens Among Us, the first disc in the box set Aliens: The Complete Truth, could easily have been subtitled An Interview With Whitley Strieber.” But for some reason, Whitley's name is nowhere on the outside of the packaging, so the fact that this disc presents a nearly full length interview with Whitley is something of a secret.
The program begins with snippets of comments from David Jacobs and other researchers of alien encounters, and then the focus quickly shifts and stays with a highly charged interview with Whitley. The 40-minute interview appears to have been recorded in England behind the scenes of BUFORA's A Day of Abductions event in 1996, or possibly at the 1996 UFO Expo West held in southern California at which Whitley presented not one but four separate lectures and workshops. This was clearly a time in Whitley's life in which he had much to say; he had been in a self-imposed exile from the subject of alien encounters for nearly five years.
      The interview is disturbing and provocative. Coming about a year after the release of Breakthrough, Whitley is quite vocal about his motivation for taking his life story to the public, the repercussions from doing so, and his thoughts on how the alien encounter experience may require mankind to take the next step in our evolution towards a consciousness free of hierarchy. People, Whitley says, are powerful and creative creatures, and the potential that people may become aware of this as they enter into relationship with the visitors threatens the status quo; Whitley condemns the shadow government – elements funded by but not answerable to the elected government, who in the past allowed such criminal and unethical experiments as MK Ultra to victimize innocent people – who may now be engaged a sinister effort to prevent an evolution in consciousness from occurring. During this part of the discussion, Whitley's left ear turns red and Whitley suggests that a small object that he says was placed within his ear by the shadow government (an episode described in Breakthrough) has turned on during their conversation, leading to speculation that the subject may have upset whoever was listening. (Whitley has subsequently mentioned this incident in other interviews).
      The interview is presented largely without edits, which is to the program's credit and is most welcome, though the program is visually uninteresting (amateur quality). They seemed to know they had a good interview on their hands and they let it run. At the very end of the program, there is an additional couple minutes of comments recorded in a pipe-filled service area of the convention building, presumably a few moments before Whitley went on stage. I had seen a part of this pipe footage before (a few seconds of it appears on the BUFORA lecture tape) and it was nice to see it gathered here. In short, this is a nearly complete interview in a generally unobtrusive program, and for that reason is highly recommended.

Aliens: The Complete Truth
© 2000 Madacy Entertainment Group

Breakthrough: Beyond Transformation
Direct-to-Video, 1996
also known as
 An Evening With Whitley Strieber at the Writers Guild

A presentation by Whitley Strieber on stage at the Writers Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA. Amateur video quality. (The front of the video box reads Breakthrough Beyond Transformation by the Author of Communion – could they possibly have fit in more book titles?).

Breakthrough: Beyond Transformation
© 1996 MUFON Los Angeles

Abduction 2: Into the Unknown: Whitley Streiber [sic]

Whitley Strieber's first talk in the UK in several years, a presentation in Sheffield, England on April 20, 1996, titled “The Secret School” (part of the “BUFORA: A Day of Abductions” event). He relates a couple stories from The Communion Letters, and plays selections from Tim Edwards' videos of unidentified flotsam jetting through the air, but this second-hand material seems to be presented without an overall theme. Despite the title of the talk, nothing from the then-upcoming Secret School is spoken of.

UK title: The Secret School (1997)
US title: Abduction 2: Into the Unknown (1999)
Warning to UK readers: In the UK there is another video called Abduction 2: Into the Unknown, featuring almost exactly the same cover art, but having nothing to do with Whitley Strieber. It appears that the box art was produced by a freelance graphic artist who sold the cover art to two different companies on two different continents, each of which used it for entirely different videos.

Encounters of the Fourth Kind:
A Report on Communion
Direct-to-Video, VHS, 1991, 50 min.

A superior effort for a direct-to-video release, Encounters of the 4th Kind interviews with Whitley Strieber, his friends and family at the New York countryside cabin made famous by the book Communion. In addition, the video presents a behind the scenes look at the making of the film Communion. A panel of experts including Report on Communion author Ed Conroy are also interviewed in mock-Larry King style. Hosted by actor Roddy MacDowell, who also voiced the audiobook edition of Communion.

Encounters of the Fourth Kind: A Report on Communion
© 1991 MPI Home Video
Out of Print

Communion: The Discovery of an Unknown World
Video, VHS, 1987

Video recording from the 1987 Angels, Aliens and Archetypes Symposium, an event put together by U. Conn professor Ken Ring and Alice Agar of the Omega Foundation. Angels, Aliens and Archetypes was a two-day symposium featuring some of this country's foremost visionary thinkers considering the premise that human encounters with the Other are real on many levels. They are perhaps most real at the seat of the soul, where, as Novalis wrote, the outer and inner worlds meet. Whitley Strieber's presentation, previewing the release of Transformation, is still available from Sound Photosynthesis as a Video #V69-87, or Audio #A251C-87 (main presentation) & #A251cc-87 (question and answer)

Many such videos of live presenations exist, usually in poor quality. We list this one because it is one of the few videos from the era.